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Premiere of Single Black Female 2

Pamela Gold

Such a fun evening attending the Atlanta premiere of Single Black Female 2, which I filmed last summer! I’m grateful for the opportunity to play “Sister Iris” in the film, and I had a great time on set working with Amber Riley, director Shari L. Carpenter, and my fellow Aligned Stars Agency “sister,” Stella Doyle.


Three years after narrowly escaping the murderous clutches of her half-sister Simone (Amber Riley), Monica (Raven Goodwin) is ready for a fresh start in Seattle as the host of the city’s #1 primetime investigative television program. With her best friend Bebe (K. Michelle) by her side and a new love interest, things are looking up for Monica. Secretly nursed back to health and suffering from amnesia, Simone is building a new life when she comes across Monica on TV and her memories come rushing back, leading to a fateful reunion between the sisters. Can the two put the past behind them? Or will Simone’s need to get revenge win the day?

Intrigued? You can catch Single Black Female streaming on Lifetime TV.