Letting Go and Embracing the Play

Pamela Gold

This month I was so happy to be back on set shooting a Georgia Lottery commercial. Unfortunately, my “Nosey Lady” didn’t make the final edit, but I was grateful to get to play for the day with a fabulous group of actors and a great production staff and crew. As actors, we have very little control in this business, which is why it’s important to stay focused on exercising our creative muscles while letting go of any attachment to outcome. Easier said than done. It takes practice, which is why I am also grateful for the freeing “Get Out of Your Head Level 3” class I just wrapped at The Alliance Theatre with the most generous and supportive ensemble of actors and teachers. Each week we took creative risks, challenged ourselves with material and roles that were way outside our comfort zone, and used physical and emotional tools to find our way in and fully embody our characters. Most of all, we stayed positive and playful and found so much joy through our work.
Now that’s something we can control.